Hope you all enjoyed this morning’s tribute to Vic Hudson! (Vic’s tracks noted below with “*”) Here’s the track list (and a map of the Six Degrees segment) and the ephemera to go along with it. See you next week!

*The Objectives – Come Back to Me
*Little Charles – Give Me A Chance
The Daydreams – Been Ready For A Long Time
*Electric Express – Where You Coming From

Stevie Wonder – Uptight
*Electric Express -It’s The Real Thing
The Temptations – Psychedelic Shack
The Opells – You Know I Love You
Tyronne Street & The Fantastic Soul Revue – Mama’s Little Girl

The All-Star Soul Revue Throwback
Lorraine Ellison – Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
The Drifters – Baby, What I Mean
James & Bobby Purify – She Ain’t Gonna Do Right
The Marvelletes – The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
Aaron Neville – Tell It Like It Is
Otis Redding – Chained and Bound

*Frances Alston – You’re All I Need
L.T.D. – Jam

Six Degrees (of Separation)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch – E-Man Groovin’
The Fatback Band – (Are You Ready To Do) The Bus Stop
Charles Williams – Trees and Grass and Things
Dakota Staton – Let It Be Me
Nina Simone – Day and Night
Roy Roberts – Got To Have All Your Love

Chuck-A-Luck – I’ll Always Love You
*Electric Express – Hear Say

WQFS Playlist – Feb 23, 2015
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