Did you know the band L.T.D., the R&B/funk band who recorded 10 albums, including their 1977 Number 1 single “(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again”, and spawned singer Jeffery Osborne, had their origins in Greensboro?
From the band’s website:

In 1968, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Arthur (Lorenzo) Carnegie/saxes/flutes, vocals, Jake Riley/trombone/vocals, Carle (Wayne) Vickers/trumpet/flute/saxes, vocals, and Abraham (Onion) Miller/saxes/vocals, who had been working as members of the (15 piece) “Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra” backing the ever popular duo of “Sam & Dave”, along with Jimmy (JD) Davis/MD/keys/vocals, formed their own band named “Love Men ltd”.

Here’s their Soul Train appearance on the YouTube. You might wanna stand up for this one!

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Did You Know? – L.T.D.
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